Sunday, November 22, 2009

SEO - Writing Content

When you choose keywords to use you are ready to write content of your web site. Well it is simple. Write content for humans. The content has to be of good quality and written for humans. This is the most important. In the content include your chosen keywords but build them into content naturally. Try to use normal logic. Search engine needs possibility to conclude what is the site about but does not like when it finds the same keyword (or keywords set) 10 times in 2 sentences.

So more or less, when writing content concentrate on the quality of the content and write it in a way that it is helpful for your readers. Give your readers reason to visit your web site again.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

SEO - Which Keywords to Choose

As mentioned in my previous post analyze for good keywords you should not choose keywords that first pop up in your mind but to make some investigation. In this good keywords tool can help you.

So you have found number of keywords. Some are used very often some are used not so often.

The rule is that you should not used keywords that are used very often and that are very generic. The reason is that number of sites are competing for those keywords.

If we take spend day with kids site as an example, the keyword kids is not good keyword to optimize the site. It has number of search results and is simply too generic for the site. Similar case is also with keywords like things to do or places to go. Actually good term to optimize for is things to do with kids or even more specific one fun things to do with kids. Those keywords has big enough number of searches, are specific for the site so it is easier to optimize for them.

So more or less now should be clear how to choose which keywords to use for site optimization.

SEO | Analyze for Good Keywords | Tool

As mentioned in my previous post analyze for good keywords you should not choose keywords don't first pop up in your mind but to make some investigation. You can do this using google keyword tool.

The main problem with the google keyword tool is that there is no option to order nor the user interface is easy to use. One good tool that can work with data exported from google keywords tool is good keywords application.

This application is able to import data exported from google keywords tool and then sort them by usage. You can easily search, order and use some different queries. This is excellent tool that will help you to decide which keywords to choose.

SEO - Analyze for Good Keywords

After you have decided about content and navigation on your site you need to choose good keywords. Keywords are actually search terms people are using when searching on Internet. Don't use keywords you consider are good but make some investigation to find out what keywords are really people using when searching.

For keywords investigation you can use google keyword tool. This tool can tell you number of users that searched for given keyword in the previous month and number of people that used given keyword globally.

So let's take for example my site spend day with kids. At the first moment I believed that spend day with kids is good combination. But after some investigation I have found out that good keywords for USA are: things to do with kids and places to go with kids while good combination for UK is family days out.

So as you can my first idea about keywords turned out to be wrong and I have finished with optimizing my web site for completely different keywords.

Friday, September 18, 2009

SEO - Web Sites are for People

One of the most important things about SEO that is very often underestimated is that web sites should be created for people.

What actually this mean?

When creating pages, navigation and content for your web site take the most care to provide unique content and easy navigation for your visitors. Because what ever good SEO you have, if it is hard to navigate your site or if you write strange sentences just to mention your keywords you will have no visitors. They will not want to read content on your site.

So when starting for web site just plan how to organize content and how to provide navigation through out your web site. When you have those things you can move to SEO optimization.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some thougths about SEO

If you are developing web sites for fun and you have no real experience with them then probably you also do not have too much knowledge about SEO - search engine optimization. When I have started to implement some web sites using Grails I didn't even know that there is such thing like SEO. With the first site grails & groovy tutorials I had a luck and it was optimized good. But with second web site things to do with kids I didn't have such luck and it was optimized bad. Then I started to search what should I do to improve my rankings in google results. As it was new territory for me I needed to read some books and read about it on the Internet.

I am still not an expert but at least I know something. So if you want to jump really fast into SEO for the reason to at least reasonably improve your web site ranking I have decided to write a few simple posts I have so far.

Just follow posts tagged with SEO on this blog and you should find some useful information that will be useful for you to basically optimize your web site.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

IE8 and lot of div elements

If you are creating web site and want to display lot of data on the page that is created from number of divs then you can hit performance issues. To resolve them try to replace divs with the html tables.